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How does it work?

1. We analyze our database of over 100,000 startups

We pay for access to the best data on public, venture-backed, and private companies available, as well as utilize independent analyst research, to identify profitable markets.

2. We find niches where bootstrappers have the advantage

Bootstrapped, profitable companies have the unique advantage of being able to thrive in small niches, when a VC-backed company must move upmarket in order to satisfy investors. We look for niches that aren't satisfied with the incumbent offering.

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  • A hypothetical MVP you could use to get started
  • Next steps, to show you exactly how to take the idea and run with it

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Wait, you're reading a landing page? Good for you! You'll probably enjoy the newsletter.

This newsletter is for bootstrappers who are looking for a new business opportunity, and believe that the best b2b opportunities might be outside of their own hobbies, experiences, and communities.

They believe that the most viable strategy for finding a good business is to identify an underserved niche where customers are underserved by the big dogs.

Our newsletter identifies companies that have raised serious VC money - the type of money that means you have to grow by 20% month-over-month. The type of money that means you can't be happy with a $5 million ARR company, you need to get to $50 million.

Here is the primary strategy you'll find in our newsletters:

  • We identify a market that has been proven by a enterprise or VC-backed company

  • We validate that the core of the product can be replicated by a bootstrapper with reasonable effort.

  • We identify opportunities for a down-market niche, determine their UBP (unique buying proposition - the thing they need that the big company can't give them)

  • We sum it all up for you - giving you the market, niche, downmarket opportunity, UBP analysis, and potential software costs

What should I do with the results?

If you agree with the analysis, and feel you have the founder/market fit for the opportunity, it's your turn to run with it! Start reaching out to customers in the niche, ask for pre-sales, and once you have 5-10 companies lined up, start building!

Why should I NOT sign up?

You shouldn't sign up if you:

  • Believe that you can only be successful if you come up with the idea. We believe that competition is good for validating a market, and downmarket give bootstrappers a unique opportunity to compete - and win - against bigger, funded companies.

  • Care about credentials. I'm a bootstrapper - just like you. I'm doing this research for myself, and looking to see if other bootstrappers would pay for the research I'm doing. I offer a free premium article to show that the quality of the newsletter speaks for itself.

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