The Foundation Course

A one-of-a-kind course that offers a framework for the earliest stages of starting a company - from idea to $2,000 MRR

The foundation course

The Foundation breaks down starting a company into four distinct steps:


Idea Generation

Learn the technique I use to find market-researched ideas for the Software Ideas newsletter, and apply it to your own research.



In exploration, we'll learn how to get honest feedback about our ideas from customers, without them even knowing about the idea itself! It's the no-risk form of customer discovery.


Idea Invalidation

This is where many founders go wrong. Here, we'll look at all the risks our idea has, and discover specific, measurable ways to test those risks so we know if this idea is going to be a winner - even before we build the MVP!


Pre-sales and Development

Learn how to pre-sell a product without building it first AND without being scammy.

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